Psychodrama in der Türkei

Psychodrama in Turkey, started as a professional practice with the studies of Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Ozbek, following his participation to Dr. A. Grete Leutz's group in 1972.  Istanbul Psychodrama Institute (IPI)



Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Ozbek begruendete die Gruppenpsychotherapie auf der Basis des Psychodramas in der Tuerkei.

Grete Leutz hatte 1972 eine Gruppe in der Tuerkei geleitet, aus der Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Ozbek die Anregung mitnahm. Seit 1984 wird jaehrlich in Asklepion, Bergama ein internationaler Kongress durchgefuehrt.

Aktuelle Hinweise auf die weiteren Kongresse sind im Internet z.B unter Istanbul Psychodrama Institute (IPI) zu finden.

Between the years of 1974-1983 Prof.Ozbek implemented group psychotherapy on the basis of psychodrama and sociometry in Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine.

In 1984 in Ankara and then in 1985 in Istanbul, Ýzmir, Bursa psychodrama training groups were initiated. Since 1984 Congress of Group psychotherapies were started to be organized in Asklepion, Bergama. Since that date these congresses continued regularly in every year with the national and international participation of psychodramatists.

In 1984 Turkey Group Psychotherapy Association, in 1994 Istanbul Psychotherapy and Group Psychotherapy Association were founded. Today, in Turkey, psychodrama is used as a therapeutic method to help adolescents to reanimate their psychological and social problems, rather than just talking about them to cope with anger management problems and to deal puberty related difficulties with healthy and comfortable solutions. Psychodrama oriented group work is also used among the elderly living in nursing homes, and effect of this group work on coping with psychological and behavioral problems.

Psychodramatists work with family members of mentally ill patients in order to improve their knowledge about the disorder and help them to learn more effective coping styles necessary to live better with a chronically disordered member. Generally, emotional traumas caused by life challenges or natural disasters; conflicts in family members or between couples; discrepancies or deficiencies in developmental stages and skills can be treated with psychodrama as a psycho educational and supportive approach.

See: Istanbul Psychodrama Institute (IPI)