Letter to all

Dear Ukrainian psychodrama colleagues,

last months showed to the world community, how fragile the situation may be. Psychodrama Institute for Europe had a wonderful chance and big honour to have its’ congress in Kiev in autumn of 2013. Thanks to Ukrainian colleagues we had wonderful moments in professional life of our organization.

months later we watched how the situation has changed. Feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, even anger or fear could be nowadays inner reality of Ukrainian citizens. By observing the news, reading e-mails, getting messages we see, that even professional life of our colleagues was disrupted by current country crisis situation.

this letter we as PIfE would like to express our concerns and support to our psychodrama colleagues. As psychodramatists we do believe people may solve any conflicts, disagreements even if this impacts large communities or populations. Even though this may be hard, may be possible if people want to talk.

want to express our solicitude for our colleagues, hope for positive outcomes even in hard times, and message to you as psychodrama colleagues that you are part of us, part of professional European psychodrama family. If this hits you it also hurts us, all the PIfE. Please know you are not alone.

In the name of PIfE Board,

Chairman Evaldas Karmaza
2014 winter

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